Decades of experience in the development of software for high-end analytical instrumentation for materials research, proteomics and biological samples, semiconductor structures and many other industrial and academic applications

Professional R&D services in analytical software for X-ray analysis including imaging, topography and tomography, diffraction and fluorescence; nuclear magnetic resonance; electron paramagnetic resonance; infra-red and NIR; Raman spectroscopy; GC/MS, LC/MS and ICP/MS; AFM and many other techniques.

X-ray diffraction, fluorescence and imaging are our key knowledge domains

We provide the full life-cycle for software products, including marketing and service support

Atomicus develops the software for medical applications with a full range of features required for comprehensive analysis of X-ray and MRI screening

Professional Analytical Software Development

Welcome to software engineering for analytical instrumentation for high-technology. Atomicus provides reliable and professional project-based outsourcing of software development for any business area requiring both modern graphical user interfaces and fundamental physical and mathematical kernels. We guarantee cost savings, on-time project completion and high reliability of operation for the products we develop. The business style of Atomicus provides comprehensive services realized under flexible cooperation models. The location of the development center in Eastern Europe delivers attractive tax structures and highly educated staff. Our long experience in software development for analytical and life sciences instrumentation industries guarantees high value software products.