Development Cycle

Atomicus works together with the customer to define a development process for each particular project. We accurately follow GDP regulations for software development. After defining the scope of the project, which may be done in a face-to-face meeting, Atomicus forms a task-force which analyzes the requirements and prepares a first draft of the user requirement specification with an estimate of the schedule and costs of the project. The development stage starts with detailed specification of the design and functionality of the product, the timing plan and test schedule. The process of product development is interactive, which means a regular progress report to the customer, delivery of the current working version of the software and discussion of the customer’s feedback via video conferences or personal meetings. At the testing stage, several approaches are used: manual testing, automated script testing, and case tests. The final product is supplied with a full package of documentation including technical documentation, manuals, video tutorials and quick start guides. All intellectual property rights and software source code are transferred to customer. The programmers and developers from the customer site can supervise the development process and participate in it in order to take over the knowledge of the structure and architecture of the project to continue in-house developments.