Scientific Studies

The analytical instrumentation business deals with high-technology industries and studies at the frontiers of science. Industrial users of analytical instruments include semiconductor companies dealing with modern nanostructures, biotechnology and pharmaceutical businesses investigating molecular and atomic properties of samples, companies exploring and designing modern materials such as graphene, and many others. Half of the instrument users are academic institutions and universities, which are involved in direct science. All of them obtain complex data from physical measurements, which often require a unique scientific approach for the interpretation of results. Working closely with partners and their customers for several decades, Atomicus members have published around three hundred articles in globally-recognized, top-rated journals, books and proceedings dedicated to scientific studies. Several employees of Atomicus deliver lectures in physics in European universities and regularly participate in international conferences, seminars and congresses to present the results of scientific studies performed in the company as a part of software development. Here you can see a partial list of publications by the employees of Atomicus. There are also several books published by Springer, where the mathematical methods and physical theories for analytical techniques are presented. Of course, all published materials based on contracted work have been endorsed by our partners and do not interfere with IP protection, know-how or non-disclosure agreements.