Outsourced Products

Atomicus is a professional company providing outsourced software development based on both specifications provided and dialog between customer and developer to establish design and functionality. The development team is highly qualified and able to understand the needs and wishes of the customer and, if necessary, to guide the partner through the process of establishing the user requirement specification, including design and functionality as well as R&D or NRE procedures. Atomicus staff speak English fluently and have long experience of face-to-face meetings with customers dedicated to the specification, development, testing and international release of products. Our company is flexible in the selection of models for outsourced development, including offsite and onsite development, combined models or models customized to the partner’s required partnership relationships. Atomicus follows ISO and GDP standards in R&D and QA processes as well as local and specific requirements when necessary – for example, CFR 21Part11 of the FDA requirements for pharmaceutical and related industries.